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Contour and Feature Surveys

Available in digital and hard copy and compliant with all standard Council, architectural and building requirements. A Contour and Feature Survey, is a detailed map of your Green Title, or Residential/Commercial Strata Title, showing features such as contour lines, trees, rivers and dams, buildings, service lines, fencing, retaining walls, and other boundaries.

Being the backbone of the design and approval process it is critical the feature and contour survey is accurate and comprehensive.

Boundary Survey 

Also known as re-peg, a boundary survey is the re-establishment of the original pegs on a property, so that the owner can confirm the true location of the boundaries.

Common reasons for repeg:

  • renewing fences
  • constructing buildings near boundaries
  • settling disputes with neighbours

In accordance with the Land Boundaries Act 1841, all land parcels require demarcation by visible landmark at creation. These marks usually consist of pegs at each corner designating the legal boundaries as defined by Title Deed.

For residential lots, square wooden pegs are used with a fixed plate on top with the adjoining lot numbers shown.

Over time, these pegs are often destroyed through construction work in the vicinity of the lot corners, such as with the erection of fences. A re-peg survey is the establishment of those original pegs so that the owner can confirm the true location of the property boundaries. Re-pegs are often required for renewing fences, or for construction near boundaries.

Licensed Registered Surveyors:

Performing a boundary survey or repeg can only be performed by a Licensed Registered Surveyor who is qualified under the Act. If required, a repeg certificate or plan showing the client the location of buildings or structures on or near the boundary can be prepared under regulation 25A of the Licensed Surveyors Regulation 1961.

Engineering and Civil Surveys

Services include:

  • Road construction
  • Services Set out
  • Stockpile volumes
  • All aspects of ‘As Constructed’ surveys
  • GPS surveys
  • Quarry surveys
  • Aerial photo control and targets
  • Construction set out

Land Development

Services include:

  • Initial planning design of project
  • Subdivision applications to WAPC
  • Project management from start to finish
  • Liaise with all local authorities eg; Shire, Water Corp, Western Power
  • Preparation of legal documents eg; covenants, easements, etc
  • Lodgement of all details at Landgate

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